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    How to Prepare Your Home For the Market

    1. Pre-inspection

    Most of us are not professionals, and we typically do not know when there is a problem with our home unless we see a leak or hear a noise. Generally, sellers do not become aware of any issues until they are under contract on the property. At this point, there are several possible outcomes.

    When buyers ask for a credit it will naturally cause a delay in the transaction because the buyers will need to have a professional provide a quote to mediate the issue. Sometimes, this will cause the sellers to pay more for the work that will be completed because we will be unable to shop for the best price.

    To avoid the added stress and headache, we recommend you arrange a pre-inspection on the property prior to launching your listing. This will allow you to be aware and prepared for issues that may arise. We suggest you contact a professional home inspector to evaluate the properties current condition.

    2. Stage and Declutter

    We cannot emphasize enough just how important it is to set the mood of your home for potential buyers. With the influence of new age technology, television shows, magazines, and Pinterest, etc., every buyer has an idea of what they think your home should look like. It is often difficult to keep up with these expectations and trends, but we have the right resources to guide through a stress-free staging experience.

    Before you can stage the property, it is important that we have maximized the space in the room by removing excess items. The best way to do this is to declutter the home as much as possible. We advise that you move your sentimental items into a storage facility or storage pod. This will also prevent your meaningful items from becoming damaged when your home is being shown.

    If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of belongings you have obtained over the years we can help you get
    connected with a professional decluttering service to assist you. Remember, less is more!

    3. Make a List of Features & Improvements

    It is essential to let the buyers know about the improvements you have made to your home. Making a list of these enhancements could help you amplify your asking price and excite the potential buyers. Often these small features are overlooked during the first showing of your home. We like to include a list of highlights of your home where we showcase your added features and improvements.

    This allows the buyers to have information to bring home with them to remind them about the added benefits of purchasing your home. It is also wise to keep receipts of the work that has been completed and any warranties that coincide with it. It would be beneficial to keep these items should an issue arise in the future.

    4. Prepare for Professional Photography

    The first thing prospective buyers will notice about your listing is the condition of the outside of the property. Whether they are driving past, or looking online, the curb appeal of your home is essential to captivating the buyers interest. To create a comfortable atmosphere, we suggest planting vegetation like flowers, bushes and trees. Maintaining the growth of your mature landscaping will simultaneously add a neat appearance to your property.

    If you do not reside at the property, it would be valuable to schedule lawn maintenance with a professional landscaping service. To prepare for the interior photos of your home, it is important to remember the cleaner the home is the more intriguing it will be for potential buyers. Start with one room at a time and focus on each element in the room.

    For example, in the kitchen and eating area, polish all appliances, sweep and mop the floors, wipe down all windows, cabinets, mirrors, and glass doors. Replace any lights without functioning bulbs, and dust the light fixtures. We understand that this is a time-consuming process. If you need any assistance with cleaning and
    prepping we recommend consulting a cleaning service to help assist you.

    If you have any questions about preparing your home for the market please reach out to us today at 630-307-2760!

    We decided to sell our house in May of 2017. After Sharon helped us with decisions about what to improve to ready the home for sale, we were on the market by June 30th, under contract by August and closed on October 12th 2017!!...
    - Matthew Brown
    Wonderful experience working with Sharon. Wouldn't hesitate recommending her for either the buy or sell side. Answered all questions thoroughly and made me feel very comfortable with the process
    - David Banker
    We loved working with Sharon and her team. Sharon is very professional and respectful in providing feedback to best market our home. Sharon was honest and used all her tools to get our home sold in 3 weeks!!
    - James Crocilla
    Sharon was fantastic in helping us with a home we needed to sell in a short time. She immediately met with us, gave us the information needed to the home ready. Once that stage was complete, she had it sold in ONE WEEK! She really went the extra mile for us and we very much appreciate it!
    - Greg Woods