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    What to Look for at Open Houses

    Posted Thursday, November 13, 2014

    Open HouseOpen houses for give you the opportunity to see the possibilities for joy – and despair – in your future home. To make the most of an open house, keep these details in mind:

    • Neighborhood – Consider school systems, commute times, safety, community, and noise levels. It may be the most gorgeous farm in the world, but if it takes you two hours to get to work, you won’t love it in the long term.
    • Expensive Problems – While a thorough inspection will turn up any problems, keep an eye out for any obvious problems before you give your heart to a new home. Cracked foundations, crumbling roofs, and moldy walls could require a lot of expensive and time-consuming repairs.
    • Appliances – Are the appliances high-end or low-end? Are they twenty years old and likely to need repair or still under warranty? Can you live with them for a few years or not at all?
    • Room Layout – Otherwise beautiful houses can be arranged oddly at times. So while you consider basic standard square footage, also think about how useable the space actually is.
    • What is that Smell? – Dusty, moldy, musty (or pet odors on par with twelve generations of cat urine sprayed in the basement) smells can tell you where some issues may be hiding. Mold speaks to water leaks. Musty odors can highlight poor air circulation. Gusty drafts may indicate poor insulation and gaping holes. In other words, smell can give you an insight into upkeep.

    Many issues factor into how much money and time you’re willing to spend on a house purchase and on renovations should you proceed with the purchase. Don’t ignore the practical issues that limit the livability of for your particular needs, no matter how lovely the stained glass in the living room windows.

    Whether you’re ready to buy or need more information before taking the plunge, I can help. Give me a call or email me at today!

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