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    Throw a Halloween Bash with Less Trash

    Posted Thursday, October 30, 2014

    Halloween FlagIt is possible to host a fun and spooky Halloween party at your home without adding a ton of trash to the landfills. Here are some tips on how to throw a “green” party:

    • Send electronic invitations. You’ll find Halloween-themed invitations at, which is one of the most popular ways to send electronic invitations.
    • Ditch the disposable cups. Instead, design your own system for marking glasses, cups and mugs. Use ribbon, twine, rubber bands or other items. Another idea is to buy a mix of juice glasses and jelly jars from your local thrift stores and yard sales. Supply guests with a variety of colorful markers and have them decorate their glasses, which they get to take home as a reminder of your Halloween party.
    • Buy by the keg, box or barrel. You’ll save money and reduce the number of bottles you have to throw away when you buy your beer, wine and other beverages in bulk.
    • Make s’mores. It’s the perfect time of year for an outdoor fire at your home, whether it’s an old-fashioned bonfire or a fire in an outdoor fire pit. Add to the fun by providing all the fixings for s’mores. Gather branches and sharpen them prior to the party. Provide the sharpened branches, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers for your guests to make their own s’mores. When the party’s over, just throw the branches into the fire for quick clean up.
    • Get guests to help with recycling and clean up. Clearly label bins for recyclables and compost. The environment will thank you, and you’ll have less clean up to do after the party at your home.

    Enjoy the celebration with your friends and family. Happy Halloween!

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