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    Ten Repairs You Must Do Before Putting Your Home Up for Sale

    Posted Friday, May 17, 2013

    Home improvement - paintingIf you’re getting ready to put your home up for sale, it’s time to make all those repairs that have been simmering on the back burner.  When buyers come looking, they want things in tip-top shape, otherwise they think you have not been taking care of the property.

    Here are your ten must-do repairs before putting your home up for sale:

    1. Repair the roof.  Maintaining a sound roof literally tops the list of crucial home repairs. Replace missing shingles and fix damaged shingles.
    2. Clean, clear and caulk gutters.  When the weather is dry, get on a ladder and clean out all the leaves and debris from the gutters.  Check their condition, repair any loose sections and caulk around the end caps.
    3. Fix sagging screen doors and other front-of-the-home problems.  This is what a buyer sees first, therefore, these are must-do repairs.  Approach your home as a potential buyer and see it through his or her eyes. Fix everything that looks shabby.
    4. Patch nail holes.  Walk through all the rooms, and fill in all nail holes with lightweight putty.  Wait for it to dry, and then paint the walls.
    5. Eliminate odors.  The last things buyers want to smell are mold, a cat box and smoke in the house.  Using scented candles and plug-in room fresheners just smells of cover-up.  Deep clean bathrooms with bleach.  Wash walls with ammonia-type cleaners.  Paint with a Kilz primer to seal cigarette smoke in and on walls.  Then cover with a fresh coat of paint.
    6. Repair or replace damaged flooring.  If you have vinyl flooring, check for holes, tears and discoloring.  Get a professional to replace flooring if necessary.
    7. Reseal the toilet.  If the toilet rocks when you sit down on it, the seal needs to be replaced.  You do not have to call in a professional to do this; just make sure you have a friend handy who can help you lift it.
    8. Stop faucet drips.  Dripping faucets are easy to repair.  Turn off the water under the sink. (While under there, look for any moisture problems.)  Dismantle the hot and cold handles, take them to the hardware store and buy new parts.  Reassemble at home and turn the water back on.
    9. Renew dinged baseboards.  Clean them to remove scrapes and smudges from pets and children’s toys.  Fill in dents, sand smooth and repaint.
    10. Fill in cabinet scratches.  Old English scratch cover or a scratch stick work wonders here.


    Repair damaged shingles,,219567,00.html

    Reseal the toilet

    Dismantle the hot and cold handles


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