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    Staging Tips to Sell Your Home in the Fall

    Posted Tuesday, October 1, 2019

    Getting your home ready to sell can be very stressful. Here are just a few tips to help guide you down the right path in selling your home with a realtor.

    Fall Decorations

    Home Fall DecorationsThe best part about selling your home in the fall is that you can decorate your home for the season and the holidays. This is very important as it helps the buyers visualize what their potential home could look like during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even going into the winter holidays. Since we are leaving the beautiful summer weather behind, this especially gives the buyers something to look forward too. By decorating your home to sell, this will help the buyers get more excited about buying a new home and maybe even make your house stand out to them. This will leave you saying buy my house!

    Fall Cleaning

    Prepare for selling your home with a realtor with a little bit of fall clean up. It is important to have a clean home when people are looking at your house. If your home is disheveled people will find it unappealing and easily begin to look away. Here are some tips to start your fall clean up and help your realtor to sell your house:

    Fall house staging tips -

    • It is fall, so start raking those leaves
    • Make the outside of your home welcoming by cleaning up your plants as well as the lawn
    • Add a splash of fall colors with beautiful mums and asters
    • Clear the gutters and remove the leaves

    Year round home selling tips -

    • Dust furniture, pictures, vases, etc. 
    • Mop the floors, vacuum, and wipe down the walls
    • Put away all your extra belongings
    • Make sure everything is placed away including mail
    • Clean out the cabinets, drawers, countertops of both kitchen and bathrooms, along with the closets. This will give the house the look of a good amount of storage space
    • Throw down some rugs, put up some decorations, and hang some pictures up
    • View other improvements to sell your home 

    Don’t forget buyers look everywhere, these fall house staging tips should help you get started and will help a realtor to sell your home quickly!

    Now is the Time

    Fall is a very good time to sell your home, because you have less competition. Also, you are going into the holidays, so people are ready to buy and get all settled in. Buyers don’t want to see a cluttered house. Make the house open and welcoming. This, along with decorating, will help the buyer envision how they can set up their furniture. Get your house ready to sell by helping buyers see themselves living there.

    Use these great staging tips to sell your home in the fall and get help from a trusted realtor to sell your house! Call Sharon Falco at 630-307-2760 or contact us

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