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    Maximizing Space in Your Small Home

    Posted Monday, September 13, 2021

    Nice Living Room
    Small homes have their own unique set of challenges in any home, but the real question commonly asked is – how do you make the most of your small space to make it feel bigger and more open? There are many ways to make your small space feel bigger no matter your home size.  

    We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips and tricks that make the most of your space and make it look great! 

    Go Vertical

    Utilize your wall space for more than hanging pictures. There are plenty of ways to go vertical with your space to help organize and give yourself more floor space. 

    • Use floor to ceiling bookshelves to make your space feel taller and give yourself more storage for books, knick-knacks, cleaning supplies, and more.
    • Dress up your storage by investing in decorative boxes or baskets for organization and an aesthetic appearance. 
    • Consider installing hooks on your garage walls or ceiling for hanging your bikes and getting them off of the floor.
    • Install sconces to avoid having floor lamps or table lamps.
    • Stop using an entertainment center or TV stand for your Television. Mount your TV on the wall and install shelves for your movies and electronics.

    Find Versatile furniture

    Finding the right furniture to fit your house can be difficult, but if you’re looking at new furniture, consider investing in some that has multiple uses. 

    • Buy a couch that has storage underneath the cushions.
    • Find a bed frame that allows you to put storage underneath your bed, or has drawers built-in.
    • Consider getting a day bed for the guest room that you can lounge on during the day, but easily accommodates guests when they come over. 

    Paint & Accessories

    There are ways to make your room appear bigger by just painting your room or adding a mirror to a wall. 

    • White is the best color to brighten up your room and making it appear bigger. It’s proven that it makes the space feel more open. If you can’t stand white, try another very light neutral color like beige or grey.
    • Keep a color scheme. Painting each room a different color can make your rooms seem segregated and gives the impression that each room has limited space. Use one color for your home to make it feel unified and create a more open look. 
    • Switch up the look of each room with different colored wall art, furniture and accessories. Adding an oversized mirror makes the space seem much bigger and adds a visual appeal to your space. 

    Try adapting to a minimalist lifestyle

    Decluttering is the number one thing you can do to add more space to your small home. Getting rid of items you haven’t used in the past 3 months is a key indicator that they may not be essential to keep. 

    • Minimize clutter. Spaces appear smaller when there are a lot of items are laying around or shoved in places. Consider discarding what you no longer need. 
    • Digitize movies and photos. There are many ways to digitize DVD’s so they no longer need to take up space on shelves. Also purchase a digital frame that rotates so you can see more of your pictures without needing the hard copies lying around. 
    • Keep your space clean. Messes are more noticeable in smaller spaces making you feel cramped. Keep your counters, floors tables and other spaces clean so you can keep your home looking orderly.

    No matter the size of your home, there are always ways to make your space look bigger and more functional. Use some of these exciting hacks to maximize room in your small home and share pictures with us if you try any of these hacks. As always, The Sharon Falco Group can assist you in buying the home of your dreams in the Chicagoland area. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today 630-307-2760!


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