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    Learn from Real Estate’s Past to Help Sell Your Home this Memorial Day

    Posted Friday, May 24, 2013

    Passions Photography Memorial Day-5Real estate has come a long way over the years; its communication and marketing strategies have developed and morphed into the institution it is today. It might be helpful to appreciate real estate’s history in order to better sell your home. So, in honor of Memorial Day this month, we’ve compiled an outline of some of real estate’s major moments.

    • The National Association of REALTORS – Founded in 1908, this organization still strives today to uphold the ethical integrity of the real estate industry and profession.
    • Condos – In 1960, the first condominiums were built, which opened up an entirely new niche for real estate agents to dive into.
    • The Fair Housing Act – Passed in 1968, this Act outlawed discriminating against buyers based on race, sex, religion or national origin when selling your property.
    • Tax Reform Act – This Act was passed in1986 to encourage people to become property owners by giving them a tax deduction on mortgage interest.
    • The World Wide Web – We all started to be connected in1990. Now this revolutionary technology provides buyers and sellers with more information at their fingertips than was ever thought possible. Promoting your [city] home on the Internet is now a crucial part of every marketing plan.
    • The Man Cave – In 2004, Urban Dictionary uses this phrase and suddenly everyone is classifying space within their houses for men to relax and do “manly things.”
    • Facebook – While this social media site launched in 2004 was originally intended to connect college students, it quickly expanded across demographics. It is now an effective marketing tool for real estate agents to reach out to their clients and potential buyers and sellers.


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