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    How to Install a Programmable Thermostat

    Posted Friday, January 24, 2014

    Hispanic airconditioning repair man performing maintenanceHere is a painless way to reduce your energy use and your heating bill: Set your thermostat to go down 5 to 10 degrees while you’re gone all day and while you sleep at night. This could reduce your heating bill by 15% without compromising comfort. 

    Programmable thermostats cost anywhere from $30 to $150, so they quickly pay for themselves. By programming your thermostat to return to  your comfort level before you arrive home or get up in the morning, your home will be just as comfortable as what you’re used to, and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint.

    Here is how easy it is to install a programmable thermostat:

    • Turn off the circuit breaker for the thermostat. Since you will be handling wiring, you must cut off the electricity going to the thermostat first of all. If your home has electric baseboard heat, don’t do this update yourself–the wiring carries higher voltages and should only be worked on by a qualified electrician.
    • Remove the old thermostat. Older thermostats contain mercury, so handle it carefully and do not throw it into the trash. Check with local recycling centers or waste handlers to learn how to safely dispose of mercury.
    • Tape wires to the wall. You don’t want the wires to fall inside the wall. Note where they were attached to the old thermostat and label them accordingly.
    • Mount new wall plate. Follow the instructions that came with the new unit to mount the plate over the area of the old base.
    • Connect new thermostat to wiring. Again, follow the instructions included with your new unit.
    • Mount the new thermostat onto the new base. 
    • Turn the circuit breaker back on. 
    • Program the thermostat following manufacturer’s instructions. Digital devices can be hard to program, so hang onto those instructions and keep them where you can find them.

    Now your home can be more economical and more comfortable.

    Want to buy a home that’s green, energy-efficient and comfortable? I can help. Give me a call today.


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