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    Hosting a Safe Backyard Barbeque in Your New Home

    Posted Monday, July 27, 2020

    large backyard

    So you just made a new home purchase and want to share your large backyard or patio space with your friends. What better way to showcase your new home purchase than by hosting a backyard barbeque for your friends and family?

    Safety and Comfort are Key

    Even before COVID restrictions became the norm, hosting a safe and comfortable backyard barbeque event in your new home would ensure that your guests would return time and again. First, make sure that seating is available for everyone and in today's world, make sure seating follows social distancing rules. Also make sure that there is enough shade available. A good idea is to set up open air tents or large umbrellas. Keep your guests hydrated, make sure you have enough water and other non-alcoholic beverages on hand. Set up your grill in a safe spot away from foot traffic, this goes for your fire pit as well. Set up landscape lighting so people can walk to and from your new home safely at night. Burn citronella candles to keep those pesky mosquitoes away! Most importantly, follow food safety guidelines. Keep hot food hot and thoroughly cooked and make sure cold food, particularly foods containing mayonnaise, are kept cold.

    Following Today's Social Gathering Rules

    The below ideas will help your guests be safe in your new home during these difficult times:

    • Make sure your new home has a large backyard big enough to accommodate the number of guests you are inviting since outdoor entertaining is safer at this time.
    • Avoid sharing utensils. For shareable foods, either serve them in individual per-person containers or designate one person to serve the food.
    • Use disposable plates and utensils.
    • If you are serving condiments, make sure there are disinfectant wipes available to use to wipe down containers after each use.
    • You can still play games while social distancing, everyone wants to have a little fun! Consider playing bags, frisbee, horseshoes or badminton.

    Are you looking to buy a new home with a large backyard this summer? Let your trusted realtor at the Sharon Falco Group help! Contact Sharon Falco at 630-307-2760.

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