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    Home Sharing: Is It For You?

    Posted Monday, October 21, 2013

    Couple ShoppingAcross America, the decision to live with roommates in later years is becoming more common as the economy remains unpredictable.  

    If you’re considering sharing a home with others, here are some of the benefits you could reap:

    • Lower monthly payments: Whether through divorce, widowhood or empty nest syndrome, many people are left with too much house and way too much mortgage debt. One solution is to invite a compatible friend or two to move in and split that mortgage payment. It will also mean splitting the utility bills: win-win.
    • Companionship: Sure, you have friends, but after hanging out with them, it can be a bit lonely to come home to an empty house late at night, if not downright scary. Most people enjoy sharing a meal rather than eating alone.  And if you get sick, it’s really nice to know somebody will be around to check on you and take care of household basics until you get back on your feet.
    • Shared responsibilities: This runs the gamut from cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, yard maintenance… you get the picture. Being the sole proprietor of your home can be very demanding; it can be a real relief to share the chores and decision-making with others.
    • Better health: Studies show that loneliness leads to higher rates of anxiety and depression. Even if you don’t feel lonely, psychologists say that having less interaction with others can raise stress hormones and blood pressure. These are measurable physical effects of social isolation.
    • The chance to live in a nicer home or neighborhood. When you split the bills, you can afford a nicer place than when you’re on your own. (Remember Golden Girls?)

    If you’re looking for the perfect home to share with friends, I can help!


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