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    Home for Sale: Get More Buyers to Your Next Open House

    Posted Wednesday, June 12, 2013

    Open HouseOpen houses take some work on your part in order to make them successful, but depending on the circumstances, they’re sometimes worth the effort. If you do not have a strong internet marketing plan, an open house may be the best way to pull a potentially large number of buyers inside to preview your home for sale.

    Here are three tips for getting tons of buyers to attend the next open house for your home for sale:

    1. Invite the neighbors. You might think you don’t want neighbors coming to your open house. Actually, neighbors are a great way to find a buyer for your home. They might have a friend or coworker who is looking for a home, they already know everything about your neighborhood and they have a vested interest in finding a great buyer for your home.
    2. Post your open house signs early. Putting them up three or even four days prior to your open house gives more people time to see them. Make sure you put the time and day of the open house on the signs. Bring attention to your open house signs by attaching a string of balloons to each sign. Use arrows to point buyers in the right direction, and place a sign every few blocks all the way to your home.
    3. Advertise online. Write colorful, descriptive ads and place them in web classifieds and open house directories. Mention your open house to your friends on Facebook and Twitter too.

    By following these tips and preparing well in advance, you’ll get more visitors to your next open house.


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