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    Gain Insight Before Renovating Your Home

    Posted Thursday, September 19, 2013

    The Word HOME made of ToolsInstead of plunging right into costly home renovations, you might want to consider the following tips to gain insight before getting down to work.

    • Talk to your parents. Give your elders a call to see what they think about your renovation plans. Those of the older generation have usually lived in many houses and did a lot more fixing up than most property owners do today.
    • Consult a professional. Talk with a professional who specializes in the type of renovation that you’re planning, such as a carpenter, plumber or electrician. They might charge you for an hour of their time, but you’ll gain valuable insight and maybe even tips on which building materials to use and where you should purchase them.
    • Plan for a permit. Check with your city or township before you do any major renovations or make additions to your home. You’ll want to get a permit if one’s needed; otherwise you might be required to undo your hard work and the repercussions could be severe when you eventually try to sell. They’re not out to get you — they just want to ensure everything is up to code with the latest safety and security standards.
    • Seek advice from a real estate agent. Before you invest any money in your property, ask a real estate agent to come over and give you advice on which renovations get the best return. Also, the real estate agent will be able to provide you with tips on trends, buyer’s wants and new features you might not have heard about.

    Don’t rush right into the renovation. Do your research, make plans and talk to experts who’ve had years of experience. You’ll learn from their mistakes and avoid making building blunders of your own.



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