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    Buying Real Estate for Your Retirement Years

    Posted Friday, July 19, 2013

    Happy couple outside homeWhether you want to cut down on square footage, are sick of yard maintenance or are simply ready for a change of scenery, now might be the time to buy real estate for your retirement years. You could soon be enjoying an active over-50 community, a downtown loft or peaceful bungalow on the ocean. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it!

    If you’re thinking about retirement, then you should definitely be considering what to do with your current home. You don’t have to sell it immediately, especially if you still need to build up equity.

    There are many options for a smooth transition to an over-50 community or to a new area in which you want to retire.  You can rent out your home, sell it or pass it down to your children. Below are a few scenarios to consider when making this decision for your future:

    • Purchase a retirement home, while continuing to live in your current house. This might be a good scenario for you because prices are currently low. You can stay in your current home and rent out your retirement property. Then you can sell the family home at a higher price in a few years when you’re ready to move.
    • Rent your home and move to your retirement property. This is an especially appealing option if you’re planning on passing your real estate down to a child who isn’t quite ready to purchase it. Renters can cover the mortgage while you hold on to it for your children. Not to mention, it will be nice to have somebody else mow that yard for a couple of years.
    • Sell the home. If you’re ready to retire and don’t want to deal with managing a rental, then just go ahead and put your current home on the market. You’ll soon be on your way to a relaxing and carefree retirement.

    You deserve a relaxed retirement! Consider all your options before purchasing your new home.


    Build up equity

    Rent your home

    Sell the home


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